Sunday, May 31, 2009


So, I guess I should bring out my dirty laundry. This is my place to talk about food. So here goes. In Feb, I went Vegetarian. I cheat from time to time, but in general I do not buy, cook or eat meat. I still consume dairy though. I also eat invertebrates (shrimp, crabs, etc) and fish.

It all started with a "diet book" that was really a book about animal cruelty. I love animals. Hence, I couldn't look at meat the same way. The first week was hard. The second week was easier. But then, I started to feel better... a lot better. Then I started to notice how much I was saving on groceries.

It is hard in some ways. I don't want to be judged as a vegetarian. I don't care if other people eat meat. Every once in a while, I crave meat usually bacon or lamb, but mostly it is really no big deal. Basically, I take my favorite recipes and omit the meat.

So, here's what I'm cooking this week:

Monday - Greek Salad and Corn on the Cob

Tuesday - Awesome Burritos
I saute onion. Add garlic. Add one chopped jalapeno. Add a can of diced tomatoes with green chills. Throw a potato in the microwave for 3-4 mins until almost fork tender. Give it a rough chop. Add it in. Add about 2 tsp. whole cumin seed. Remove from heat. Add a handful of chopped cilantro and squeeze a lime over it.

Serve on tortillas with cheese and sour cream.

Wednesday - TJ's Margarita Pizza and Fruit and Goat Cheese Salad

Thursday - Shrimp Risotto with broccoli

Friday- Leftovers

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