Monday, February 1, 2010

Variations on a Theme: More Peach Salad!

I should know better. My main craving with Eliza was peaches. No, people, I am not prego, but I still love some peaches.
Today, I used leftover steak from dinner last night. Therefore, I didn't want cheese (well I wanted, but...) to increase the fat level to astronomically high. Here is what I did:
- Leftover Steak
- Peaches (today instead of grilling, I threw them in the microwave. They are better grilled.)
- Baby Greens
- Basil (You need the basil. It makes it soo.... good!)
- Cashews
- Light Sesame Asian Dressing (It really needed more garlic. Next time, I'll make my own.)


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Denise said...

Thank you for visiting my Challenge Greece post - glad you enjoyed the recipes! You have a few amazing looking salads on your blog! I'm always looking for some healthy, but tasty salads and will definitely come back to visit you!